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Tools You Can Use to Improve Your Coaching

If you have been taught or coached by Barry, you know he is a master. To continue to be of service to you, he has created the following efficient and effective tools to help you master your coaching skills and be your best:

#1 – Technology for Coaches (Audio Program & PDF Handout) – $27

Have you ever spent dollars buying equipment that just didn’t suit your needs? Use technology and tools to be a successful coach! Would you like to know what equipment you need to create info products to make more money?

It’s really not rocket science but you can spend a lot of time, energy and money researching the right equipment to serve your clients well and be at the top of your game. Why not maximize your time and fast track yourself by sitting in on this class that will inform, delight, and guide you. We’ll look at:

  • Phones
  • Headsets
  • Digital Recorders
  • Telephone Pickups
  • Recording Calls Digitally
  • Uploading and Downloading Recordings
  • Bridge Lines
  • Sending audio files to your clients (a great value added service)
  • Creating Products
  • And Lots More!
  • You will have this class paid for many times over with just one of his long distance tip or any of his many equipment tips!

    Come join Barry Switnicki to find out what you don’t know, learn what you should know and get direction to make it all a lot easier!

    This 90 minute audio program and the companion 4 page PDF document are presented by Barry and loaded with specific and step-by-step details of all of the tools you will need to have a techno savvy coaching practice and tips to prevent you from wasting your hard earned money. You’ll reap the rewards from this call for as long as you plan on buying electronics!

    Click on “Add to Cart” below and process your order securely through Paypal. All you need is a credit card or Paypal account. if you don’t have a Paypal account, that is fine also! You will be immediately directed to a password protected page (password is bestcoaching) to download this audio and the accompanying PDF right after your order is processed!



    #2 – Clean Process 4 Part Series for Coaches (Audio Course with PDF handouts) – $197

    Barry is known as the Coach with the strongest ‘Coach Position’ around. This outstanding 4 class series with accompanying PDF handouts will create a paradigm shift for you not only in the way you coach, but also in how you interact with everyone in your life! Your clients will begin to see results even more quickly AND your coaching will become easier and easier for you. Barry teaches you the skills to ensure each of your coaching sessions goes smoothly, your questions roll off your tongue and you feel energized AFTER the session! How great will that be for your business? Order it right away for your benefit AND for your clients too!

    (Due to a technical challenge, this sereis will not be available until later in the summer – please check back or email Barry for more info!

    Order both and save: ONLY $199!

    Congratulations on taking these next steps to Coach Superstardom!

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