ACC or PCC (portfolio route) Mentoring & Assessment Prep

So you finally decided to get internationally accredited or to upgrade to a PCC from an ACC. Congratulations on a very wise choice!

More and more corporate, business AND Life coaching clients are wanting to work ONLY with certified and ACCREDITED coaches. The ICF is the largest coach accrediting body in the world.

Barry  is a world class coach and he is a professional mentor with more than 25 years experience, as well as an international coach trainer and assessor. He is accredited as a Professional Certified Coach which allows him to mentor you towards both ACC and PCC credentials. In the first 6 months of 2011 he did over 70 mentor sessions supporting students just like you towards mastery!

For more information on choosing a mentor, it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that you read this document from the Association of Coach Training Organizations before making your decision about any mentor coach. 

The Program

  • Group mentoring sessions are held once per month on a internet based interactive classroom.
  • You will be in the group for four months. Each month you receive a two hour group mentoring session with a maximum of 6 students to hold to a very high standard of customized learning. This is one of the HUGE advantages of this program. Most mentor programs have 9 or 10 students in their group sessions.
  • Three one-on-one mentor sessions (approximate length 75 minutes)
  • You develop greater skill and understanding of the core competencies of coaching, ethics and coaching technology in a hands-on, interactive format that supports accelerated learning.
  • You will bring recordings of your actual 30 minute coaching sessions to class as well as experiencing live coaching in class.
  • You are expected to be coaching a minimum of two sessions per week to support integration towards excellence.
  • One-on-one mentoring is done by phone or VOIP and is scheduled to meet your needs and to maximize your learning.

Program price – ONLY $997 CAD if you pay up front or two payments of $524 CAD

You must apply for a space in the program. Since it is such a small and specialized group, we want to ensure that everyone is a good fit.

Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a consult with Barry to get clearer on what this program will do both for your coaching, your career and your life! If it’s a solid fit, you’ll be put on the waitlist for the next intake.

Our number one priority is giving world class value for affordable prices to support you as a coach and ultimately the people who are being coached.  

The Coach approach – Locally and Globally


“Your mentoring was absolutely vital in my success. I am eternally grateful!”

“I just wanted to thank you again for your feedback, your patience and your belief in me as a coach. I really appreciate the support you gave me all along the way over the past year.”

“I preferred you as a mentor because your feedback was VERY specific…I liked your method of specifics at EACH competency.” 

Application for Mentoring and Assessment Prep:

First and last name please.
Please enter your main email address.
Phone Number
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Number of months or years you have been coaching
Number of coaching hours you currently have
Coach Training School(s)
Is this for the ACC or PCC Portfolio Route?
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When are you hoping to submit your application?
Enter the approximate date you hope to submit your application to the ICF.
What is the primary reason for choosing this program? ?
Please enter your main reason for wanting Barry to mentor you.
What are your strengths as a coach? ?
Enter all of the coach strengths you bring to the group.
What are your greatest challenges when coaching? ?
Please enter any challenges you have regarding coaching.
What is your coaching niche, if you have one? ?
If you have one, enter your coaching niche.
What is the best way to reach you? ?
Enter the best way and time to reach you whether by phone, email, Skype, etc.
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